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Our History
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Our History

     Nearly twenty years after a family experienced first hand the emotional, physical, and mental anguish of abortion, God touched the parents of this family and placed a vision in them. This vision was for a home where unwed pregnant teens, and single young women could turn to for help and support, an alternative to abortion. With the help of many generous volunteers and the cooperation of local city officials and business, Rachel's Home became a reality in 1993. Later, in November of 1993, Rachel's Home was moved from the Plymouth Hospital Area to it's current location. It was a big day, as a lot and a basement had to be in place before the home could be moved. So many things had to be done to the home before hiring house-parents and a director. A few years passed before the house was ready. Then in the spring of 1996 Carol Aukermen, was hired as the first director, followed by Todd and Lisa Whitemen as the first house-parents in the fall. Unfortunately, after the first year, the lack of finances necessary to keep Rachel's Home open, forced the home to be closed.

     After being vacant for eighteen months, the former board members came together, certain that if God called the home to be used to help pregnant girls through their difficulties, He wouldn't want the home abandoned to obscurity, especially since it was one of only three pregnancy homes in northern Indiana. During the meeting, Christ worked in the hearts of Max and Peggy Hatfield, as they volunteered to be the new house-parents for Rachel's Home. Shortly afterward, in September of 1998, the Hatfield's moved in with their little dog, and soon became established as the Rachel's Home house-parents, for the next four years. Max and Peggy served as counselor, aid, educator, and friend, to the girls at Rachel's Home, some of whom graduated, and have gone to college. Many of them still consider Max and Peggy as part of their family. Max and Peggy are the godparents of two of the babies from the home, and delight in seeing the women, some of the girls turned out to be. Sadly, after four years, Max and Peggy felt that it was time to return to their own home, which had been vacant for four years, and in September of 2002, the doors to Rachel's Home closed once again.

     Two years passed after the Hatfield's generous service as house parents, to Rachel's Home, when the Lord called upon a Bourbon area resident, Heidi Hostetler, to take up the duties of being the Rachel's Home "House Mother". Providence prepared for such a calling; Heidi had been a camp counselor, youth worker, secretary, teacher, and nurse's aid, with an interest to work with teenagers and young adults. So once again Rachel's Home was available to help young women and teens that need a place to turn during their time of crisis. After a year of serving Rachel's Home Heidi moved on, and Rachel's Home once again closed.

     A few months after Heidi's departure the Lord called upon Michigan residents Michael and Rachele Sleep to fill the role as house parents. The Sleeps themselves well prepared having served on numerous mission trips through Teen Missions International and preparing for the mission field as Wycliffe technicians through JAARS. Rachel's Home was once again open to help pregnant women and girls in crisis. After their year commitment to Rachel's Home Michael and Rachele Sleep felt it was time to move to New England and begin building their support group for Wycliffe.

     Shortly after the Sleeps left Ester Lewis took on the responsibility of house mother. After retiring from the phone company with 37 years of service, Ester found herself in Cincinnati Ohio then returned to Plymouth. With encouragement from family and friends she took on the duty of being a house mother here at Rachel's Home, and once again Rachel's Home was fulfilling it purpose of providing a home for pregnant women in crisis. A number of month's later Ester's stay at Rachel's Home was cut short and Rachel's Home was again in need of house parents.

     In May of 2008 Plymouth residents Chad and Christian Burman came to fill the roll of house parents. New to missions, and full time ministry, Chad and Christian took on the duty of house parents with excitement and great expectation. Serving the Lord through Rachel's Home the Burmans have help with demonstrating the love of God to the girls at Rachel's Home and offering their support with all Rachel's Home fundraisers, and promotional events. During the Rachel's Home board meeting in February of 2009 the Burmans gave Rachel's Home notice that they would complete their one year commitment then turn their attentions to pursuing schooling.

     Presently, Rachel's Home is prayerfully seeking for a mission-minded couple or a godly single women to take on the duties of being Rachel's Home house parents or a house mother and looking forward to what God is going to do through the ministry.