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About Us
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About Us

     Rachel's Home is a nonprofit Christian maternity home established to provide loving support to pregnant teens and young women. Being pregnant is difficult, but being an unwed pregnant teen or young women makes it even harder. Making decisions that will affect yourself and your child can be very frightening. Today, more and more adolescent mothers are choosing parenting instead of putting their child up for adoption, which is an enormous responsibility for someone so young, while others decide that adoption is the best answer for their unborn child.

     We at Rachel's Home are here to support and help young mothers through the difficult time that comes with whatever decisions they make. We are here to meet the needs of young women and their families as they face their own special life challenges and pregnancy. Residents at Rachel's Home learn and practice personal accountability. Residents set both short and long-term goals and a regular review process, Rachel's Home helps residents learn more about God's love, and other important topics such as, budgeting, nutrition, parenting skills, adoption, abstinence, and many other useful things.

     With a true desire to show God's love Rachel's Home helps by providing a loving, supportive environment, promoting a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, assisting with needs during pregnancy, help with parenting information, and the preparation needed to be productive in society though educational and vocational assistance, while offering encouragement and support from people who care.

     Today Rachel's Home is available to help young women and teens who need a place to turn during their crisis. Rachel's Home is run entirely on donations from businesses, and private individuals. There is no charge for the residents to stay at the home, but residents must go through an interview process to be accepted. If you are an expectant mother or the parent of a minor who is pregnant, and in need of the Rachel's Home ministry you can start by contacting us and/or using the Applicant Forms below to start your admittance process.