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Indiana Non-Profit Information Technology Organization :
The Indiana Non-Profit Information Technology Organization is our new home. Created by our Executive Director Jerry Nettrouer II and Doyle Harpole the creator of the PassionX Linux Distrobution, the Inpito is an organization dedicated to empowering the Indiana community through establishing and providing Information Technology solutions, education, and resources.
Womens Care Center of Plymouth :
The Womens Care Center in Plymouth was the birthplace of Rachel's Home. It is a center that offers free and confidential, pregnancy testing, non-diagnostic ultra-sounds, assists with Doctor's appointments, provides maternity clothing, baby clothing, and supplies, helps to receive assistance from community agencies, post abortion counseling, parenting classes, programs for females to quit smoking, referrals to Marshall County Pediatrics for baby seats, and their use, Hoosier Healthwise applications, H.U.D. application, and more.
Heartbeat International :
Heartbeat International is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian association of life-affirming pregnancy resource centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, and nonprofit adoption agencies that seek to create an environment where every human heart is cherished and protected ? within the womb and within strong families.
Option Line :
Option Line consultants refer each caller to a pregnancy resource center in her area for answers to questions about abortion, pregnancy tests, STD's, adoption, parenting, medical referrals, housing, and many other issues. The toll-free number is available to callers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Care-Net :
Care Net is the largest network of pregnancy centers in North America, with 1,100 centers serving over 350,000 women each year. The primary purpose of Care Net is to assist and promote the evangelistic, pro-life work of crisis pregnancy centers.
Reason Enough To Act :
The RETA Ministries exist to help people realize the value of life and experience abundant life. It is God's plan for life to be full and abundant.� Every person, born and unborn, regardless of the situation surrounding their conception, is incredibly valuable and has a beautiful purpose and plan for his or her life.
Birthright International :
Birthright provides caring, non-judgmental support to girls and women who are distressed by an unplanned pregnancy. Birthright provide friendship and emotional support, free pregnancy testing,and maternity and baby clothes. Birthright also give information and referrals to help clients meet legal, medical, financial, and housing needs. All Birthright services are free, absolutely confidential, and available to any woman regardless of age, race, creed, economic or marital status.
Pregnancy Help & Information Center :
The Pregnancy Help and Information Center is a community-based, non-profit organization, existing to provide aid and comfort to any woman facing pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting under stressful circumstances. All of our services are free, non-judgmental, compassionate, and confidential.
Hope Clinic for Women :
Hope Clinic for Women is a faith based, safe and confidential place for anyone dealing with life choices regarding past, present, and future pregnancies. We provide education, counsel and medical care for anyone regardless of age, race, or religion.
Indiana Right to Life :
Indiana Right to Life is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to restoring and protecting the Sanctity of Life. We seek to educate the public on the issues of abortion, infanticide,and euthanasia and to move our culture back to a respect for life.� It is a state-level affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.
Teens For Life :
If your a teenager, check out how you can make a difference for life by being apart of the Teens for Life in your area.
Silver Ring Thing :
The Silver Ring Thing is the fastest growing teen abstinence program in the United States and is rapidly gaining international recognition for its concert-style show incorporating music, laser lights, fast-paced video, drama & comedy performances. Through this program teens are able to understand that abstinence until marriage is not only God's plan for their lives, but also the best and only way to avoid the harmful physical and emotional effects of premarital sex.
Bethany Christian Services :
Bethany Christian Services is a, pro-life, Christian adoption and family services agency with more then 75 locations in 30 states and ministries in 15 other contries.
Opportunities For Life :
Opportunities for Life (OFL) is a lay pastoral ministry offering life-affirming, caring, non-judgmental, emotional support and concrete resource referral help to persons affected by an unplanned pregnancy.
AA Pregnancy Help Center :
The AA Pregnancy Help Center has been helping women in Central Kentucky for years. Our staff includes counselors and medical professionals who treat each client with compassion. Offering 24 hour hotlines, Free pregnancy testing, Pregnancy information, Abortion information, Adoption information, Ultrasounds, Caring, Confidential counseling, and Material help.
Heartbeats of Licking County :
Believing Christ is the foundation of the ministry. Heartbeats Mission is to create an environment where every human heart is cherished and protected within the womb and in strong families. Heartbeats encourages chastity as a positive lifestyle. Heartbeats is a nonprofit, Christian ministry that offers emotional, physical and spiritual support to those who find themselves in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy.
Pregnancy Decision Health Centers :
Pregnancy Decision Health Centers empower individuals to make healthy life choices consistent with the intrinsic value of every human life. PDHC seeks to provide caring services for responsible sexual values and alternatives to abortion to as many individuals as possible in the Central Ohio area.
Adoption.com :
Adoption.com is committed to helping as many children as possible find loving, permanent homes. We also provide critical information at the decision-making moment to women facing crisis pregnancies. We assist adoptees and birthparents to find birthfamilies, and we help hopeful adoptive parents make adoption dreams come true. We are especially committed to helping special needs children in the U.S. and around the world, who otherwise wouldn't be able to find families.
Abort73 : (Requires Macromedia Flash & Quicktime for Viewing)
Abort 73 is a website dedicated to helping people better understand the Biological, Social, and Philosophical effects of abortions. It offers a great deal of resource information statistics, laws for understanding what is involed with the abortion issue.
Compassion :
Compassion International exists as a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical�poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.
Riverside United Methodist Church :
Riverside United Methodist Church is a church the Chad Burman and I spoke at concerning Rachels Home in January of 2009 and offered to do a link exchange with us, for which I gladly excepted.
Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc. :
Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc. is a non-profit licensed child placing adoption agency in the State of Michigan. That provides education and information to anyone seeking to learn more about direct placement adoption in Michigan.
Disclaimer: While many of these sites contain information and resources helpful to pregnant women, Rachel's Home is not officaly affiliated with anyone of these orginizations.