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Household Needs
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Our Household Needs

Kitchen: Zip lock / storage bags, electric knife, Rubbermaid / Tupperware storage containers.

Food: canned soups / veggies / fruits, meats, flour / sugar / spices,  cereal (hot & cold), boxed mixes, fresh fruits & vegetables.

Books: Bibles, Christian fiction / non-fiction, parenting books, and educational books.

Tools: gardening supplies, potting soil, fire extinguisher, flashlight, shelving units, wheel barrow, shovel, spade, weed eater.

Other: New born clothing and supplies, laundry items, cleaning supplies, bath items, personal care products, phone cards, twin size sheet sets, vacuum sweeper bags (C-style dirt devil), clothes rack & hangers, small bookcase, throw pillows, card games / board games, 8x10 rug, two outdoor floor mats, mop, indoor plants, Christmas lights, kitchen faucet, water softener salt pellets.