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Personnel Needs
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Personnel Needs

House Parents or House Mother Needed: Chad and Chris Burman have completed their one year commitment to Rachel's Home, so once again we look to God to provide another Christian couple or single lady to serve as the Rachel's Home houseparents or housemother. We have recently developed a bulletin insert and are contacting numerous churches to ask them if they would be willing to place the insert within their bulletins. If you have a PDF viewer you can download it by Clicking Here

If the Lord has provided you with a heart to serve Him, in a mission style ministry. The girl's needing Rachel's Home could really use your involvement as House Parents or a House Mother. This ministry has so many advantages to offer unwed, or young expectant mothers, but we too must rely on the Lord's provision for so many things, and without House Parents, this ministry losses it ability to accomplish what the Lord has created it for."Glorifying Jesus" by serving unwed, and young expectant mothers.

Unfortunately at this time the ministry of Rachel's Home can not take on any woman or couple interested in being House Parents that have depended children they would have to bring into the home.

If your interested in becoming a House Parent
Please contact the Executive Director: Jerry Nettrouer II
Phone: (574) 935 - 3953

Volunteer Needs:
Relief House Parents: It would be nice for the full time house parent(s) to get some time off every once in while, so donating your time to spend with a girl at the home would be a big help to them.

Christian Mentoring: Some of the girls who come to Rachel's Home and those that want the childs biological father involved, have not grown up in a Christian environment. Rachel's Home needs godly men and women to help be an example of Jesus Christ to some of it's residents, and their childs father.

Promotional Speaking: God blessed Aaron in the Bible with the gift of public speaking. If God has given you a similar gift and you would like to use it for raising awareness for Rachel's Home let us know.

Transportation Assistance: Sometimes at Rachel's Home there is more then one appointment at different places for different people. If your a woman who likes driving and would like to help our residents get to appointments from time to time it would be a great help to us.

Teaching: Rachel's Home is looking for people who can teach various class at Rachel's Home on baby care, cooking, financial planning, sewing, crafts, independent living skills, stress management, Bible studies, gardening, job skills, nearly anything that can be taught.

Tutoring: Some of the residents at Rachel's Home may need tutoring for classes in school, or for their G.E.D.

Home Repair: The home itself needs attention from time to time, and if God has blessed you with an understanding of fixing things around the house, we could sure use your help.

Home Assistance: If your good at organizing a home, enjoy mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and things of that nature we could use your help.

Fundraising: One of the most needed talents at Rachel's Home are men and women who can put together fundraisers. Rachel's Home only recieves money from donations, and fundraisers. If God has given you a talent in promoting, coordinating, or hosting fundraisers you could be a tremendous blessing to this ministry.

Office Assistance: Rachel's Home needs people who know how to accomplish various office related tasks. We need people who can do graphic design, organize paper work, develop presentations, administrative planning, and help with doing the office related tasks at Rachel's Home.

Group Projects: If God has given your church, or origination a group with a heart to serve. Rachel's Home is a great place for people to help. We have had groups help us to build shelves, host fundraisers, sing and play music at concerts, play golf, provide support for ice cream socials, and so much more. God has blessed us with various groups to help make this ministry a joyful experience. If your church, or organization would like to help out in some way we would be grateful.

Employment Needs: Some of the residents at Rachel's Home may need employment of some nature. If your a business owner and would like to offer Rachel's Home residentss a position at your business it would serve to help them greatly.

Please, if God has placed on your heart some way to help, contact Rachel's Home.