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Prayer Needs
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Our Prayer Needs

The greatest and most effective of all our needs is prayer, so please remember us in your prayers.

Praise the Lord for providing Rachel's Home 16 years of service.

Pray God will supply to us His choice of House Parents or House Mother soon.

Pray for the girls we must turn away while we are without House parents.

Pray for wisdom to steward Rachel's Home in accordance with God's will.

Pray the Lord continues to call churches and individuals to help support us.

Pray for the Lord's empowerment for those who serve at Rachel's Home.

Pray for the unborn children of the girls who come to us in crisis pregnancy.

Pray we are able to overcome worldly pressures, attacks, and criticisms.

Pray that we remain an example of God's love to our community.

Pray the Lord will continue to provide or exceed all our financial needs.

Pray the Lord forgive us in any areas we may have failed Him.